Friday, September 24, 2010

Un interviu întârziat

În weekendul trecut, GK a fost la Viena la concertul Guns N' Roses. Pentru că a mers cu acreditare de blogger acreditat aşa cum numai un blogger acreditat poate merge, a primit invitaţia de la Pink să îi ia un interviu lui Axl Rose. Interviul derulat în holul hotelului, unde au acces bloggerii acreditaţi, va fi prezentat în rândurile ce urmează, după ce a trecut prin filtrul de cenzură a.k.a Scorpy`s hands.

Gogu Kaizer: Hello, Mr. Rose!
Axl Rose: Roses are red, violets are blue, my name is not the name of a flower and who the heck are you?
Gogu Kaizer: Mr. Rose,I  am an... cum să zic... acreditated romanian blogger. You know Romania, right?
Axl Rose: Of courseah I know Romania, I ate it a lot of times, tastes good with ketchup and a dip of mayonnaise.
Gogu Kaizer: X#$%^&?....... Mr. Rose, is it true that you were born two hours late than you were scheduled to? And that the rain #haded start in November 3 hours late after being chased out of India with bottles?
Axl Rose: Well... between you and me, it was 2 hours and a half later, but since people is not so good with numbers I like to keep on a low profile two! You get it, two? Me two?! He, he.
Gogu Kaizer: Yes, yes it`s ok, please stop laughing, I am known around these areas and I wouldn`t like to use mah supahpowas to calm you down.
Axl Rose: Ok, sorry. But tell me, do you really have supahpowaz?
Gogu Kaizer: Mr. Rose, if I`d tell you that, I would have to make you show up on time for the first time in your life.
Axl Rose: No, we wouldn`t want that, rait?
Gogu Kaizer:  ;)
Gogu Kaizer: At the end of this interview, do you have something to tell to your Romanian fans?
Axl Rose: As a matter of fact, yes!
Gogu Kaizer: Please, go on!
Axl Rose: ...see you later!

Acesta a fost interviul pe care, dedublându-se, Gogu Kaizer i l-a luat lui Axl Rose datorită poziţiilor sociale pe care cei doi le deţin, superstar şi supererou. Cu ocazia concertului lui Ozzy Osbourne, Gogu Kaizer îi va lua un interviu în exclusivitate lui Liviu Varciu!


  1. :)))) bestial:)))
    da' auzi, sa ii iei un interviu si fostei-actualei-viitoare sotii, ca pe urma se supara;)))

  2. :))) esti nebun acreditat cu acte-n regula. Acreditate si ele, desigur

  3. Şi Axl Rose nu a vrut autograf de la tine?

  4. mie-mi place de tipul de la linkul cu ozzy osbourne: pare sa aiba o meserie de viitor


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