Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Nu ştiu despre voi, dar eu abia acum am citit articolul despre români de pe Encyclopedia Dramatica şi m-am crăcănat de râs. Na d-aici nişte citate:
  • Romania is considered by most experts to be the Earth's epicenter of all known epic fail.
  • Mircea Geoană, the social democratic candidate and former ambassador to Dumbfuckistan. He has been called a retard by his boss, Ion Iliescu.
  • The Romanian word for business is bishnitza and no self respecting Romanian business man would ever miss a bribe.
  • The country's main exports are gypsies and fail. 
Fun Fact : saying that Romania has an economy is a self-sustained joke.

Favorite Pass times include: 
  • Beating the shit of of each other at soccer matches.
  • Emigrating and once inside the foreign land, harassing the natives. 
Here are a few ways to make friends with them:
  • Ask them about the King of Romania, Guţă.
  • Become someone in the goverment and steal from them.
  • Remind them they elected two of the most retarded people in Romanian Politics, Vadim Tudor (a anti-Hungarian psycho with territorial demands for Romania from all neighbouring countries) and Elena Băsescu (The president's daughter who used money from the Ministry of Tourism to pay for her EU parlament campaign; There was a lot of drama over this.) 

Famous Romanians
  • Cristian Tudor Popescu - Angry bald man who comes on talk shows and constantly bitches about how retarded Romanian politicians are.
  • Puya - A gangsta rapper that went dark side. He now combines hip-hop with manele. 
  • Nicolae Guţă - Romania's greatest musician and intellectual. Invented the manele. 
You'd think that a country would have an official webpage. Romania doesn't because they are not yet aquainted with advanced technology such as electricity or soap.

Cum ziceam, tot articolul e aici.


  1. Gogule, vezi că mai ai unu' pe Uncyclopedia ( :P

  2. daaar ce zici de asta ?

  3. a era mai sus :)

  4. Faza cu săpunul a fost cam penală. Iar în ceea ce priveşte tehnologia... să mă scuze, dar când ne recrutează experţii IT [80%hackeri] nu mai sunt proşti,nu?[moralitatea intră în altă discuţie aici]


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