Wednesday, December 06, 2006

For the foreigners

Dear foreigners,

Gogu Kaizer understands that you do not like Romania and its people. Something about Romania joining UE... Well, we, the Romanian people, would like you to grab the dick and to embrace it. We do not really care about your jobs. We can do something better than you, it is not our fault. You are idiots; that's all. You are afraid that you will mix with a lower society, huh? Well, that is exactly what is going to happen. We will crush your dreams, we will piss over your principles, and we will fuck your wife. I know, our women are much more beautiful than your women are. Nevertheless, we will fuck your wife while you are watching and you still will not see that. Damn, we are going to destroy the planet and we are going to start with you.

P.S.: We are going to send our gay people to fuck you.


  1. are you going to send the happy women too?

  2. Nu, alea raman!!!!!!!

  3. Uuuuuuuuu, Baycee citeste blogul lui Gogu Kaizer!!! Gogu Kaizer este onorat si ii multumeste pentru prezenta.

  4. Romanii e ca molima. Drull e mandru sa fie romanash. Aduceti veveritele pentru UE!

  5. Uk customer:"Where are u based?"
    Me:"Bucharest, Romania"

    I can feel only satisfaction in their "Oh my god!" :)

    Yeah we are going to fuck u all.

  6. "All your women are belong to us" :D

  7. "We are going to send our gay people to fuck you"

    le dai de munca la homalai? esti peste de gay-mani? :D, de la gay-mani ti se trage tie veselia omniprezenta :D
    bun asea trimite-i la fackuit!!!

  8. nene, se duce dracu turismul si asa inexistent.postu' asta e ca bannerul ala cu : "We are comming and we all have AIDS " :P!


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