Thursday, October 26, 2006


Dude: Just for laughs, you should enter Tugurlan's email on penis enlargement websites, then blame it on the russian mafia!
He'll understand
Gogu Kaizer: muahahahaha
i said muahahahahah
that's what i've said
Dude: Are you crazy?
Are they all crazy in RO?
Dude: My parents used to chop chicken heads alive in front of me when I was a kid
They were preparing lunch
Gogu Kaizer: My father still does that
sometimes to my mother, but that's just a legend
Gogu Kaizer: we ordered shaworma and pizza
and some naked girls
Dude: You have naked girls on your pizzas? That's gross
I heard humans taste like pork, though...

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  1. Well, no matter. Canada is not even a real country anyway. :D. And I've got a chainsaw...


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