Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ombladon - Lie to me

Si ca sa fie toata lumea multumita, Gogu Kaizer va traduce despre Ombladon - Minte-ma. Aplauze.

Cheloo, follow me
Maltreating a frazzle in this SF
You give yourself scared in behind on elbows
What's wrong with you, you licked a dying crow last night
I drink, I beat you, I tie you from the bed, I fuck you a little
I cut you, how much blood... what shit?
I have some movies in my head, I should've make direction
The whores scare themself 'cuz they are a mess
I put the accent on dirty chit-chat
I spit you in your breasts or between teats
I take from your ass in your mother's presence, yo
She asks 'Who's this?'.. I am this, b-itch!
I put passion in everything I do after
I nod my head, I fall wide, I am trained
I chip away your nose and I thrust my tongue in your mouth
Or I step on your hands and I take your morale into dick
One-room in earth I make to you in a hunky-dory way
Lie to me in your mother's mouth 'cuz I lie to you too.

Refren(x4):Lie to me, lie to me beautifully...

II:I push you on the stairs, you run, I catch you, I put you on the party wall
I pull your hair, I beat you apple, you want to escape
I take you by your head, I undress you, I like you, I fuck you
I lick you on your neck, I cut you, I shove you in sack, actually
I lived nice moments, what shit
Do you remember darling when I filled you with blood
Or when I drowned you in the tub ?
Or when with my hand in neck you chocked?
You showed me all your teeth... What my dick you did, you smiled?
I've put you napkins under your knee to not make yourself dirty
When you sucked my dick in the forrest near Bucale
We loved eachother with the face to the TV
And my dick died momentary when O-Zone singed
I thrust wine, I am drunk, I beat you again, don't worry, it will pass
I knock you down easy on the carpet, I fuck you cold
Now I seat to your head, I'm lonely and I cry
And I'm watering your flowers from your grave again
I scratch my ass and I sing to you, I tell you stories
Tell me, 'cuz I'm thrusting my dick in your cross, 'Do you love me?'



  1. past tensu` de la "to sing" este "sang", nu "singed". Singed insemna

    si da, nu aveam ce fute si ma gandeam sa ma dau destept.

  2. Deci clar nu ai inteles ce s-a scris. Esti degeaba.


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