Thursday, January 25, 2007

Star Trek geeks

Tugurlan says: / me polishes his phaser
Gogu Kaizer says: I am Data
Jean-Luc Picard says: change you name then
Tugurlan says: Ce misiune avem, capatine?
Tugurlan says: sa ucidem niste romulani fara onoare?
Geordi LaForgea says: asa
Tugurlan says: sau bem un butoi de blood wine??
Tugurlan says: aaa, sa murim glorios in lupta
Geordi LaForgea says: The engines are 45% working cap'n
Jean-Luc Picardea says: worf
Tugurlan says: Weapon systems standing by
Tugurlan says: yes, captain
Jean-Luc Picardea says: stop polishing your horns and get us in the romulan system
Geordi LaForgea says: right away
Gogu Kaizer says: i would like to buy a vowel!
Tugurlan says: that will be data, sir
Jean-Luc Picardea says: data!
Tugurlan says: i control weapons
Geordi LaForgea says: the warp factor is online
Gogu Kaizer says: sir,yes,sir!
Jean-Luc Picardea says: cat e cos de e la x?
Gogu Kaizer says: no it's not!
Geordi LaForgea says: up up and away
Gogu Kaizer says: what the...?!?
Jean-Luc Picardea says: integrala din cos de e la x?
Gogu Kaizer says: huh?
Tugurlan says: unkown ship in scanner range, cap'n
Jean-Luc Picardea says: data is the artist formerly known as gogu kaizer
Tugurlan says: what are your orders?
Geordi LaForgea says: it's not a ship
Jean-Luc Picardea says: pe romulani bajeti!
Geordi LaForgea says: it's big cow
Tugurlan says: yes
Jean-Luc Picardea says: pe aia cu urechile late, ca nu mai stiu cum ii cheama!
Gogu Kaizer says: ferengi
Geordi LaForgea says: someone should go out and milk it
Jean-Luc Picardea says: forgea!
Tugurlan says: i think, it's your mother, cap'n
Jean-Luc Picardea says: da`ti un restart
Geordi LaForgea says: yup?
Gogu Kaizer says: confirm that
Tugurlan says: flying through space...
Tugurlan says: photon torpedos armed and ready!
Jean-Luc Picardea says: data, fa`ne legatura cu romulengii
Tugurlan says: torpedos away
Geordi LaForgea says: where's the betazoid bitch?
Jean-Luc Picardea says: da` vezi sa fie pe connex
Tugurlan says: *huuuge explosion oh the screen
Jean-Luc Picardea says: ca n`avem bani de orange
Gogu Kaizer says: cap'n,do we still have that weed from the romulans cargo?
Tugurlan says: gizas, she was biig
Geordi LaForgea says: those aren't the torpedos worf
Jean-Luc Picardea says: data, u have no lungs
Jean-Luc Picardea says: but i do!
Tugurlan says: sir, i eliminated your mother
Jean-Luc Picardea says: bring the bitches, too
Tugurlan says: she is now in Sto Vo Kjor
Geordi LaForgea says: 2 to beam up cap'n
Jean-Luc Picardea says: Worf, you`ve been eating that romulan shit....
Geordi LaForgea says: ready...
Jean-Luc Picardea says: log out!

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